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MarketCurrents is an information and connectivity platform focused on the global private wealth community. We have unparalleled insights into the world of family office and high net worth investors. Our various verticals allow investors and those interested in connecting with them, a seamless medium.

Our business operates under 4 main silos:
1. MarketCurrents Data
2. MarketCurrents Events
3. PrivateWealthIntelligence
4. MarketCurrents Connect

Our Businesses

MarketCurrents Events

MarketCurrents events cover a range of current issues that affect the investor community. These include investment, healthcare, climate and a range of other areas.

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PrivateWealthIntelligence is a leading source of intelligence on the private wealth industry. We keep investors up to date with news, features and analysis affecting their industry.

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Provides thousands of investor profiles from high net-worth individuals, single-family offices and private multi-family offices globally.

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MarketCurrents Connect is a facility that connects clients with mutual interests. These include Private Wealth, Service Providers, Investment Vehicles, Universities, Startups and Philanthropies. Typically, over a period of three to six months, through a curated arrangement, a client will have the opportunity to meet carefully matched MarketCurrents' contacts.

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For General Inquiries, Please contact: [email protected]

Sumehr Sondhi, Chief Executive Officer, [email protected]
Joana Tappman, Head of Administration, [email protected]
Arshiya Kapil, Vice-President
Timsy Dua, Data & Marketing Manager
Ajay Chauhadiya, Sales Manager
Arabinda Ghosh- Technology Director
Matt Taber, US Event Logistics
Vikram Kuriyan, Trustee & Director

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